Hey there. I’m a writer, editor, fact-checker, poem-writer, and an occasional painter. I love to write about art, and am very curious about the ways in which arts and culture interact with social and political issues, among many other things. I’m currently pursuing a personal project about Randy Savage, the gnarly-voiced WWE wrestler who died in Seminole, Florida, which is where I grew up. Once, as a teen, I had helped him out to his car with his groceries (I used to work at a grocery store; it was imperative for me to ask). I was the visual arts editor at the Baltimore City Paper until the paper was shut down in early November 2017. You can hire me for freelance work—you could even do it today if you wanted to. Peruse some of my recent and older work in the links below. If you see what you like, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

The Poet Joseph Massey’s Disturbing History of Abuse (The Outline)
Glow Up: Baltimore Youth Arts helps youth inside and outside of the justice system (Baltimore Beat)
Downtown arts development Le Mondo fires former executive director amid allegations of abusive behavior (Baltimore Beat)
Abuse and Accountability in the Arts Scene: A Reckoning, co-written with Maura Callahan (City Paper)
Abused and Tired: The Bell Foundry’s artist-tenants and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society bounce back after evictionco-written with Maura Callahan (City Paper)
Baltimore loses a DIY haven for artists of color (Hyperallergic)
Escape to Miami: Baltimore goes to Art Baselco-written with Maura Callahan (City Paper)

Interviews & Profiles
Emily Wilson’s Translation of The Odyssey (GBCA Limelight)
“We’re being lied to constantly”: A Q&A With the Creators of ‘Putin On Ice’ (GBCA Limelight)
Q&A with Filmmaker Jules Rosskam (GBCA Limelight)
With new gallery Resort and a show at Terrault, Alex Ebstein talks keeping up studio and curatorial practices (Baltimore Beat)
Artist Malcolm Peacock deals with death, swimming, and segregation (City Paper)
‘Not About a Riot’ shows many facets of the Baltimore Uprising (City Paper)
On the Ground: Eddie Conway and Tania Bruguera discuss the intersections of activism and art (City Paper)
Interdisciplinary collective Press Press opens up a public studio for publishing, a library, and more (City Paper)
Radical Feeling: Katie Bachler talks about how art and activism intersect at the BMA Outpost (City Paper)
Work It: sadpapsmear talks art, stripping, and internet intimacy (City Paper)
Starting from Scratch: Considerate of every mark, painter Jo Smail lets go of what she thinks she knows (City Paper)
Baltimore Basel: Open Space brings artist-run galleries to Artscape (City Paper)
Q&A: ‘Broad City’ writer and star Abbi Jacobson talks about her time at MICA, Lady Gaga, and moreco-written with Maura Callahan (City Paper)

Essays, Reviews, & Criticism
‘We Are Not Voiceless,’ on display at Waller Gallery, draws connections between the politically active and the everyman (Baltimore Fishbowl)
Sondheim Shrinkage: The 13th Annual Sondheim Exhibition of Finalists at the Baltimore Museum of Artco-written with Maura Callahan and Cara Ober (BmoreArt)
Scrambled Eves: Boredom and vodka in Eve Babitz’s tableau vivant of glamorous and boozy ’60s Los Angeles (Baltimore Beat)
Good grief: Essay collection “Rebellious Mourning” places pain in resistance (Baltimore Beat)
Three painters at St. Charles Projects, Joshua Bienko, June Culp, and Delphine Hennelly, consider what comes before words (Baltimore Beat)
Visual Merchandising: “The Ground” takes on origins, labor, commerce, and legacy at the Hutzler Brothers Palace (City Paper)
“Matisse/Diebenkorn” draws lines from California painter Richard Diebenkorn to his lifelong study of Matisse (City Paper)
Guy Debord’s concept of the dérive inspires a focused meandering (City Paper)
Abigail DeVille dwells in history, interpretation, and power at the former Peale Museum (City Paper)
Wild at Heart: On Stevie Nicks and her dogged tenderness (City Paper)
Our Human Skin: On Rihanna, Louise Bourgeois, and vulnerability (City Paper)
Staring at the Sondheim: The Sondheim finalists reviewed—and inching toward an art practice based in resistance (City Paper)
Paintings removed from Stephen Towns’ solo show prompt discussion on empathy and emotion (City Paper)
Heather Rounds’ novella “She Named Him Michael” is a sharp rumination on spectacle, structure, and solitude (City Paper)
Baker Artist Award winner Joyce J. Scott tangles up issues of race, class, and oppression in glass and beaded work (City Paper)
Suzie Doogan’s experimental, experiential poetry spirals around overconsumption, grief, the internet (City Paper)
Paul Gagner paints anxiety and institutional critique in his solo show at Guest Spot (City Paper)
Garden of Delete: Nandi Loaf and Amanda Horowitz mine technology and identity in their show at Springsteen (City Paper)
Uncertainty in artist-run efforts as Station North develops (City Paper)
Maggie Nelson’s ‘The Argonauts’ is an intimate portrait of queer love, a collection of literary theory, and a parenting guide (City Paper)
Emily Campbell’s ‘Imaginary Islands’ depict depravity but illustrate apathy (City Paper)
Two artists at RandallScottProjects mine surfaces in painting, pushing aside the problem of illusion and image (City Paper)
Real Rocks Are Heavy and Hard To Find,’ a collaborative show between James Bouche and Ryan Syrell turns artists into de-individuated makers (City Paper)
‘RFP’ at EMP and ‘100% YES’ at Current Space use collaborative art practices to emphasize the individual in a community (City Paper)

Blue Stretches: Writing Women (City Paper)
Blue Stretches: Marking Time in Suburbia (City Paper)
‘Square which becomes blobby’: A close read of the Jelly Gummies Tumblr (City Paper)
Propaganda kitsch in the Baltimore Police Department’s graphic design (City Paper)
Talking about our feelings: On masculinity, Nirvana, and Robert Motherwell’s ‘Africa’ at the BMA (City Paper)
Tangled up in blue, a sublime color of mystery and distance (City Paper)
Seeing Matisse’s ‘Large Reclining Nude’ at the BMA and on the street (City Paper)

I made a zine of tiny short grief poems called “Babies“—get at me if you want one, it’s like $5.
“Intro to Wheel-throwing” (Baltimore Beat)